April 29, 2016 Karola Gajda

Yorkshire Post loves ‘Are My Roots Showing?’

Book review of Are My Roots Showing?

Great news in the Yorkshire Post!

The Yorkshire Post has reviewed my novel, ‘Are My Roots Showing?’

I’m delighted to say they really like it!

As a writer, you know that reviews can go either way, so this article is wonderful news.

Yorkshire Post arts journalist Yvette Huddleston says in today’s Culture section:

“It is a hugely entertaining, funny, heart-warming and often moving read”


“Gajda touches on the changes that have taken place in Warsaw – emerging from the grim Communist era into a stylish modern city – from her own experiences of travelling there while growing up. And Gajda’s stand-up roots are certainly showing – there is some fine comic observation of human foibles and she is particularly astute on the complexity of family relationships.”

Review of Are My Roots Showing? by Karola Gajda

Migrant Literature

The review also sees the novel as part of the developing genre of migrant literature. This is because it touches on the themes of migration and deportation during and after World War II.

‘Are My Roots Showing?’ is a romantic comedy about British-born Pole Magda who leaves the UK to go to work in Warsaw – and is full of funny observations about being a migrant.

However, it also touches on Poland’s tragic past, including the mass deportations to Siberia by Stalin in the 1940s. Also, displaced Poles migrating after the war ended.

A Personal Angle

This side of the story is particularly important to me because my late Polish mum was deported to Siberia during World War II. Also, my late Polish dad migrated to Yorkshire from Germany as a displaced person as he had nowhere safe to go. I wanted to weave their stories into the book, so that a record of what happened to them would stay alive. I’m always struck by how few people know about those terrible deportations east. In this information-heavy age, important historical events can become buried or side-lined.

I’m so glad Yvette Huddleston tuned into the comedy and the tragedy in the book. Isn’t life just that – a mixture of tragedy and comedy? My mum could be so hilarious at times. Sometimes I think it was not despite her tragic start in life, but because of it.

Available on Amazon 25 May

‘Are My Roots Showing?’ is available through Cirrus Publishing on Amazon on 25 May. Why not subscribe to my site for a reminder?

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