October 13, 2016 Karola Gajda

My Polish Yorkshire Dad & his accent

A Yorkshire Pole

I was browsing through an old hard external hard drive this morning and came across this video (below) of my late dad on his 80th birthday. I couldn’t play it at first to my horror, then managed to convert it and bring it back to life.

My dad loved being in front of a camera and he was always so natural and ready to be funny. He was always slightly baffled too as to why on earth I’d want to film him.

Here he is – I’d asked him what his favourite biscuit was to bring out his accent. I miss him, can’t have a Rich Tea Biscuit without thinking of him and have shed a few tears watching him again.

Dad was in Germany during World War 2 and come to England afterwards as a displaced person. He took integration and learning English really seriously and wrote new English words up in the shed with chalk. He also often came to me with the newspaper to ask me to explain what certain words meant.

I don’t think he really realised he had a Polish Yorkshire actually, although I have the reverse – a Yorkshire accent when speaking Polish.

The father character in my novel Are My Roots Showing? is based on dad.

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