Zofia Nałkowska’s ‘Choucas’

Zofia Nałkowska's Choucas novel

Cover of Zofia Nałkowska’s novel ‘Choucas’

I’ve just bought this modernist novel online, ‘Choucas‘ by the late Polish author, Zofia Nałkowska, and I’m waiting for it to arrive in the post (can’t wait! / nie moge sie doczekac!)

It’s a new translation by Ursula Phillips, translator of Choucas. Zofia Nałkowska (1884-1954) was a writer, journalist, playwright and diarist. She was also an executive member of the Polish Literary Academy between the World Wars.

The novel’s set in a Swiss sanatorium and the patients are from different countries with different political view points. ‘Choucas’ is a type of blackbird found where the book is set.

I’d love to find a Polish copy so that I can read bits of it in Polish.

I’m also interested in ‘Medallions’ by Zofia Nałkowska. This is a collection of stories about the Holocaust published in 1945.

My book comes out on 25 May 2016

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